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Diamond Education

Guide to Choosing Your Diamonds

There are four characteristics that determine the quality of a diamond.

The Cut

How a Diamond Handles Light It is the precision and delicacy of the cut that dictates the maximum amount of light that will be reflected through the diamond.


When a diamond is cut to good proportions light is reflected from one facet to another and then dispersed through the crown or the top of the stone.

If the cut of the diamond is too deep some light escapes through the opposite side of the pavilion or bottom.

If the cut is too shallow light escapes through the pavilion or bottom before it can be reflected.


The Colour

The colour grading scale varies from totally colourless to light colour or tinted. The differences between one and another are very subtle as can be seen by the number of grades within any one category.


The Clarity

To determine a diamond's clarity it is viewed under a 10x magnification by a trained eye. What minute inclusions there are make every diamond quite unique. They are nature's fingerprints and neither mar its beauty nor endanger its durability. However, the fewer seen, the rarer the stone will be.


The Carat

One carat is divided into 100 "points" so that a diamond of 25 points is described as quarter of a carat or 0.25 carat. Size is the most obvious factor in determining the value of a diamond but now you know that two diamonds of equal size can have very different values depending on their quality. However, remember diamonds of high quality can be found in all size ranges. Here are some examples that show the approximate size of the diamonds in question: